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Full CAD Capability


All of our manufacturing is managed through our MIETrak manufacturing system. Your quotation will be engineered within the system with all relevant operations, taking our current commitments into account. In addition to this facility, all bills of Material are channeled through MIETrak, taking current stock levels into account, thus alerting us to shortages for upcoming contracts well in advance.


We use TRUTOPS for 2D CAD, nesting and laser programming integration. It has inbuilt functions to optimize sheet nesting and laser path for maximum efficiency.

Unfold allows us to take 3D models and quickly flatten them out into part components for laser cutting.


Radan is our CAM package, which enables off-line programming for our laser profiling machines and punch presses.

  • Full DXF & DWG interface enabling the reading of files from other drawing packages
  • RAD-Draft - a full 2D CAD package
  • RAD-Bend - enabling the pre-production proving of component prior to manufacture
  • Auto-Tool - swiftest way possible of allocating tooling o punched parts
  • Auto-Nest - the function that allows us to economically arrange parts around a sheet, thus minimising wastage and reducing cycle times